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I can't remember the last time I've not followed or watched a single match at Roland Garros #frenchopen (posted )
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My year in cycling and running (04 Jan 2015)
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GoPro of a short hills ride (27 Dec 2014) - tagged as cycling, gopro

Besides a fancy leather cycling man-bag, Santa also got Markus a brand new GoPro. Mounted below his saddle facing backwards, Markus filmed us working hard to keep up with him. The maiden filmed ride was a short Perth hills ride, departing from our usual meeting spot The Old Swan Brewery, up Welshpool Road and Lesmurdie Rd and back via Canning Rd and down Welshpool Road again. Recorded was only the second half of the ride, starting from Canning Rd back to Perth. Shippy had the top speed of just over 80km/h coming down Welshpool Road. You don't want to think of coming off your bike at that speed.

  • Strava Short Hills Ride
  • Besides Markus being the camera man, video featuring riders:

  • Graham in a red striped Phobos jersey
  • Selthy in black and white jersey
  • Shippy in a blue and white jersey
  • ...and pigeon-toed myself in a Santos red sleeved jersey
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    5000km+ on my push bike this year (27 Dec 2013) - 6footplus 
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